What We Do

The Helena Institute for Nature (HIN) is a grassroots Tanzanian organization working to protect Tanzania’s unique natural heritage. HIN believes that sustainable solutions to today’s environmental challenges need to be centered around the country’s youth as youth not only make up the majority of Tanzania’s population (Tanzania’s median age is just 17.74), but we also believe youth have the enthusiasm and endurance needed to truly improve environmental conditions over the long term.

In line with this, HIN is focused on engaging youth, connecting them directly with the natural environment, and working to impart its value on them. These efforts are centered around three prongs: education, advocacy and conservation. Through this combination, HIN hopes not just to develop a culture of environmental stewardship, but also to provide youth with tangible outlets through which they can drive positive change.

The cornerstone of the Helena Institute’s programming is Sinda Island. Through an agreement with the Tanzania Marine Parks and Reserves Unit, HIN has been granted the rights to Sinda Island, a small island off the coast of Kigamboni in southern Dar es Salaam.

The centrality of Sinda Island makes it an ideal base of operations for HIN, and given its accessible location alongside it’s natural beauty, HIN utilizes Sinda as the hub for many of its activities such as hosting school trips, providing trainings and coordinating beach cleanings. In the coming years, HIN plans to expand its infrastructure on the island, transforming it into a world-class conservation center.

HIN is registered with the Government of the Republic of Tanzania: Business Registrations and Licensing Agency No. 00109521. Certificate of Incorporation No. 130739.

Our Current Projects


Preserving the beauty of Sinda Island for future generations

Sustainable Development Goals

Vocally standing up for Tanzania’s natural heritage


Creating the environmental leaders of tomorrow