The Helena Institute is driven by a vision of a Tanzania where engaged, environmentally conscious youth become leaders in the effort to protect our natural environment.

To facilitate this, HIN works with schools and youth groups to raise awareness about the value of the natural environment and the challenges currently facing Tanzania. Using custom curricula centered around hands-on, immersive environmental experiences, HIN offers a variety of tools to allow Tanzanian youth to build their understanding and connect more deeply with nature.

The cornerstone of HIN’s education initiative is Sinda Island.¬† Through bringing youth to the Island, particularly youth who have grown up in urban Dar es Salaam, HIN works to bring youth closer to nature than they may have the opportunity to otherwise.¬† Through connecting youth to nature in this way, and through curating their experiences so they leave enthusiastic about it’s protection and with a deeper understanding of its value, HIN hopes to spark a new generation of environmental advocates.

In the years to come, HIN will implement structured youth groups, a step which will provide youth a route through which to continue building connections to Sinda Island and the environment at large.