Who We Are

Climate Action and Gender

We work with vulnerable group of women and promote gender equality.

Gender equality reduce emissions, relieves stress on ecosystems and allowing resources to recover from overuse. With additional entrepreneurship opportunities, women also increase financial stability, achieve development goals and face minimal social harassment issues.

We provide education to increase the resilience of women and young people to climate change issues. [Poor Women and girls] face more risks as climate change intensifies natural disasters and increases the basic needs prices.

HIN is working with key relevant ministries and NGOs to educate and implement several models to improve gender equality in addressing climate change, promote sustainable economic development and improve family health.


Transforming Gender Relations

HIN has adapted the International Development A 4 Step Approach and SDG 5 for projects to consider gender at all levels. Gender as HIN’s core issue, we look at the whole system and work within the following pillars:

  1. Gender-aware — including local women in their research
  2. Gender-sensitive — accounting for gender in the project design
  3. Gender-responsive — positively impacting local women
  4. Gender-transformative — contributing to a more equal society

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development,

Learn more about how we approach SDGs here: HIN on SGDs